Winter Storage

We are now accepting bikes in for Winter Storage:
Anytime IN after Oct.1, anytime OUT before Apr.30. 
We request that you let us know a week before you would like to get your bike out in the Spring.

It is $200-$250 (bike size dependent) for the entire Winter, payable in one of two options:
Basic Storage (no servicing) = $100-$125 deposit in the Fall (half-storage fee), balance of the storage fee due in the Spring at pickup.
Winter Storage with Service = full payment of the storage fee in the Fall (funds parts and labor outlays to service your bike over the winter), balance of the service bill due in the Spring at pickup.  Winter Labor Rate for service while in for Winter Storage is 33% off (see Winter Work).

Winter Storage includes:
    - pre-storage evaluation (general safety, running condition, battery health)
    - fuel tank and carb float bowl draining (or gas stabilization, as applicable), one gallon of fresh gas in the spring
    - battery maintenance throughout the winter, 25% discount for replacement of a weak battery
    - pivot points lube
    - warm, dry storage throughout the winter
    - springtime add gas & get started/running; tire pressures adjusted

Pickup and Delivery services are also available for added convenience.

Please note: Once your bike is in for storage, it is in until it is out - we are unable to accommodate occasional nice-weekend-weather borrowing from storage without additional labor charges.