the pennies

Rates & Fees:

      $65.00/hr Labor

      Shop Supply Fee (3% of billed Labor)
      Pickup or Delivery - distance-related, varies, $30 one-way local (Providence/Pawtucket), $50 round-trip local, scheduled at your convenience            Emergency Pickup/Rescue Services offered as able, increased pickup fee.

      Tire Mount & Balance - $30
      tire mount, no balance - $25
      tire balance, no mount - $10
Summer Storage/In-Season - $5/day (beyond two weeks after you are contacted that service on your bike is complete)
      Winter Storage/Off-Season - $200-$250/winter, bike size dependent (inc. winterization, battery care, spring start-up)
      old gas disposal fee - $5/1 gallon
      old tire disposal fee - $2/tire

If you need to supply your own parts (including tires), we charge these rates:
      $78.00/hr Labor
      Tire Mount & Balance - $45

Cash, check, PayPal, credit cards - all AOK

We reserve the right to request a deposit before commencing repair or restoration.
  If your bike is not in the shop, deposits are generally required for advance order of parts.

We reserve the right to await the clearing of personal checks made in payment for large service bills prior to the bike leaving the shop.


Basic Oil Change Service - estimate 1/2 - 1 hr labor plus oil and filter
includes: engine oil change, filter clean/change as applicable, pivot points lube, tire pressure adjustment, liquids level inspection, basic control adjustment and general safety check/recommendations (lights, tires, brakes, etc.)

Full Service
- estimate 2-3 hrs labor plus oil, fluids, spark plugs, filters as required
          includes: all aspects of Basic Oil Change Service (above) PLUS:
transmission oil change, air filter service/replacement, new spark plug(s), new fluids (every 2 years), pivot points lube, full control adjustment, final drive chain/belt adjustment as applicable, brake system overhaul as required, battery servicing and charging system test, professional test ride/handling & performance assessment, service of any and all safety issues

Carburetor Cleaning
- estimate 1 hr labor for each carburetor.  Rebuild kits extra, if required
Carburetor Syncing -  estimate 1/2-1 hr labor

Tire Replacement - Tire changing is considered separately from labor. 
Standard labor rates apply for time required to remove and reinstall the wheel to the bike.  Just the wheel = Just the Tire Mount & Balance fee.  Wheels on the bike: estimate 15 min. labor for front wheel, 1/2 - 1 hr for rear wheel (scooters almost always require exhaust removal for rear wheel servicing; motorcycles have final drive considerations and rarely exhaust removal).  Supplied tires are ok by us, but Rates & Fees are higher.


Full-Service (Scooter) - averages $200/annual visit.  We try to stagger basic maintenance year-to-year to keep things evened out for you.
includes: all aspects of Full Service (mentioned generally, above) PLUS:
    - side cover/transfer-case servicing (clean rollers/variator, kickstarter, case, dressed clutch/drum), rec. ~every 3000 miles
    - new drive belt every 8000 miles
    - valve clearance adjustment (4-stroke), recommended every 4000 miles for most scooters
    - decarbonization of cylinder head/piston (2-stroke) recommended every 4000-6000 miles, or when performance has decreased
    - fuel filters and fuel/vacuum lines replaced as required

Vintage Scooter -
estimates vary greatly depending upon the condition and needs of your bike.  Vespa engine rebuilds are approximately 10hrs labor.

Chinese-Origin Scooter - we do work on these, generally with a high success rate despite the quality of the bike and its unwillingness to work correctly.  The caveat is that we don't always know if we can fix the bike until we're into it some in Labor and we charge you for that labor even if we ultimately are unable to help the bike within reasonable repair costs.  Additionally, we do not deal with warranties or try very hard to get model specific parts (luckily, many parts are interchangeable).
If you have a particular budget, let us know in advance, we will do what we can to help your bike within your limits.

Outside of general pricing info above, estimates vary greatly depending upon the condition and needs of your bike, but there are some common repairs:
Fork Seals - estimate 2-3 hrs labor plus parts
New Chain and Sprockets - estimate 1-2 hrs labor plus parts


Standard tune-ups - estimate 2 hrs labor.
eGO motor mount removal - for bearings, brush servicing or pulley inspection generally takes 1-2hrs