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snapshot of the shop

posted Jun 25, 2012, 4:36 PM by agirlandaguyCycles
I was geeking out on some numbers and thought you might like this one:

In 2011, 59% of the bikes we serviced were scooters, 28% motorcycles, 3% mopeds, 10% eGOs.
In 2012, thus far, scooters are down to 51%, motorcycles up to 42%, mopeds at 2%, eGOs at 5%.

So there you go, a snapshot of the shop.  More motorcycles.  I surmise the drop in percentage of scooters this year may be due to the easy warm winter we had: bikes weren't in storage for long; less time sitting = haven't seen nearly as many little 50cc scoots with gummed-up carbs.  Just thinking.  If I take the extra leap into nerd-dom, perhaps I will one day be able to tell you the percentage comparison between 'modern' and 'vintage' bikes that we service.

Hope your summer is NICE.