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plans and plots for Winter

posted Oct 24, 2012, 2:15 PM by agirlandaguyCycles
It is starting to get chilly.  This is sad for us bike riders, but if this makes you super-sad, then maybe you shouldn't live in New England.  Or get some cold-weather gear and ride all winter, snow/ice days excepted.  Unless you get some studded tires.  Which would be really cool.

Big THANKS out to everyone for a killer 2012 season. 

I have posted new tabs (see sidebar) with info regarding Winter Storage and Winter Work - check them out.  I believe that we have the most affordable storage in the area, and your bike would much prefer to be warm and in the company of other bikes rather than cold and lonely in a snow drift.

In addition, we are running discounted Labor-Rates again for the Winter: 20% off Labor for service work between Nov.1-Jan.31, 33% off Labor for service work in conjunction with Winter Storage.  We view the discounting as an encouragement of off-season work.

This 2012 season was very long; early-start to it way back at the beginning of March.  We are looking forward to a bit of a slow-down for the winter, but we like to keep busy, so take us up on the offer for Storage or Work.  Email us with any questions.

We will be closing the Shop for the entire month of February for our annual summer-in-winter relaxation and vacation.  If your bike is in for storage, it will be safe, secure, and insured -- practically vacationing itself.