About Us

Billy and I moved to Rhode Island in 2007 to attend motorcycle mechanic school at MTTI, where we were the top two in our 2008 graduating class.  We worked for several seasons at JavaSpeed Scooters and Motor Medic (both former local Providence businesses) prior to opening a girl and a guy Cycles in 2010.  Our business has grown quickly and we've been delighted by the good word of mouth.

Before we turned wrenches for a living, Billy worked his talents as a chef and I was grocery manager of a food coop in Syracuse, NY.  We originally looked at Rhode Island when I was considering grad school at RISD for painting, but then decided motorcycle school ultimately had more allure (and fiscal sense).  At the time, we were futuristically thinking of opening
a combination motorcycle shop/art gallery/burrito joint.  For now we're just focusing on the motorcycle shop part of that.

We have our niche specialties, notably scooters and old Japanese motorcycles, but we are open to working on most two-wheeled things, especially when given the opportunity to learn something new as we work.  We are friendly and strive to provide great service.

Unfortunately, as life happens, some plans don't work out. As of early 2014, Rachel is no longer part of the shop, but me and the rest of the crew are soldiering on as Black Grease Cycles, and are looking forward to the best summer yet in 2014(if it ever actually show up).

RFH and Billy